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Helping NZ businesses & Creatives sell their merch.
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Tea Towel Set of 3.
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Tea Towel Set of 3.

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Pre Orders Finish July 23rd 5pm.

Flora And Co is an Indoor Plant Studio set up by a landscape designer/horticulturist Maree Wiki that wanted to create an houseplant boutique store where people can experience a houseplant shop with the design elements combined with horticulture expertise. Design, styling, horticulture is our expertise which flows beautifully with our urban indoor houseplant store.

Facebook: Floraandconz

Instagram: Floraandconz

Tea Towels x 3.

-One of each, I Wet My Plants, Introverted But Willing To Talk Plants, Normal Three Plants Ago.

100% unbleached cotton.

50 x 70cm


PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre order service. A minimum of 12 order must be reached for it to going into production. Once pre orders end we aim to get your order to you within 7 days.

Printed by Screen Culture.